“Chelene Knight's course made me feel much more confident in my writing. Before I was writing stories that, for the most part, I kept to myself. Now I know how to revise and add in the description and details that make a piece of writing publishable.”—Emma Paling

“I feel incredibly lucky to have had this opportunity to work with Chelene - her unwavering encouragement and enthusiasm helped me feel more confident about my writing and the structure of the course helped me develop a more consistent writing practice. I now feel like I have a foundation to build my writing practice on.” —Jess Murwin

"In write. polish. publish, Chelene Knight introduced me to some incredibly helpful writing strategies from how to find gold in free writes, how to use objects to connect emotionally with readers, to writing hybrid forms, and revising drafts. She was an enthusiastic instructor who, right from the start, made me feel comfortable about sharing my work. And her feedback on the assignments was insightful and supportive.  Novice creative writers out there take this course, you won't be disappointed!"—Dr. Shelley Pacholok

"I love how this course encouraged me to explore a different writing process. The revision technique suggestions worked really well for me. And Chelene's feedback felt very honest and tailored to my own work. I'd highly recommend the course to anyone who is looking for a fresh perspective on writing." —Marianne Grier

Attention paid to process was the most helpful. I don't think I have ever taken a course that emphasized process to this extent. A lot of courses offer the building blocks of writing but they don't consider how the bits go together, or what happens in between them. You also gave great advice on handling obstacles, what to do when you get stuck, how to recognize the gold in your writing, and your feedback is encouraging as well as insightful. Sharing your writing drafts was an act of trust and openness that deepens the importance of process to me. I can see how it works for you in a concrete way. That's huge.”Dorryce Smelts

When it comes to feedback, Chelene Knight is a master of her craft. She came to my first poetry manuscript with questions, insights and suggestions and a handful of nuanced details that transformed my thinking and lifted my words off the page.”—Chantal Gibson author of How She Read (Caitlin Press, 2019)

“Chelene taught me habits and showed me simple tools that helped uncover a deep well of inspiration within me. Her gentle prodding challenged me to stretch beyond my comfort zone. I am grateful for her generous encouragement.”—Kimberly Peterson