The Quick & Dirty On Building Your Subscriber List


An email subscriber list is important. It may take time to build, but all businesses (especially entrepreneurs) will want to have a list of folks who want to hear from them. Whether you are selling courses, promoting events, or sharing some sweet free content, you need to gain folk’s trust.

 1.Have a Strong call to action. Here’s mine:

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 3.46.52 PM.png

 Instead of the boring ol’ “hey can you sign up for my newsletter please?” you can change it  with your own personal flare. People will recognize that it’s YOU speaking and not only that, you’re speaking directly to them. Things are getting real personal, hehe.

 2. Quality content

This goes without saying …know what your followers/subscribers want, and try your best to provide it. And get to the point, this isn’t your novel. You can skip the exposition and foreshadowing.

 3. Keep updating your best content

You don’t have to constantly create NEW content, but things change so quickly nowadays and it’s important that you keep all of your best content current and accessible (nobody likes a broken link by the way).

 4. When doing  events or speaking engagements, bring a subscriber sign-up sheet

Bring an actual piece of paper where you can collect names and email addresses. Or you can even have an ipad or other digital device ready so folks can sign up. You’d be surprised how many sign-ups you get. What’s that? People actually want to hear more from me? Sweet.

 5. Freebies or opt in offer

We are all human, we like free stuff. People don’t turn down free stuff, it’s what separates us from the animals.

 6. Ask people what they want, and then deliver

Someone actually asked for this particular quick & dirty (hint hint). Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge. I know all about the fear, the competition, but if you trust in your unique business and the systems you are building, then rip open those blinds! 

 7. Ask your subscribers what their number one problem is. Then solve it.

Not only should you be creating quality content, but ask yourself how you can use your own expertise to help others. Create quick and dirties, one page cheat-sheets and then give them away to your VIPs! Share the love. Share the knowledge.

 8. Guest posting where your clients shows up and link back to your site

Without going into the nitty gritty of google ranking, it’s important that reputable websites you write for link back to your site. Google pays attention to this. Want to get on page one of Google Search? Ok then.

 9. Video promote your opt in offer on social media

This is the fun tip! Show us your face, promote what you do. People will listen. I am working on a few videos myself, so get ready for that!