What is #LearnWritingEssentials?

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#LearnWritingEssentials is a boutique creative writing studio that consists of e-courses, online workshops, presentations & talks, in-person mentorships, copywriting for organizations, and other services. The school evolved out of necessity and desire to see more women of colour holding senior and executive positions in the writing and publishing world. The #LearnWritingEssentials courses resist the traditional and embrace and encourage the hybridity and outside the box thinking needed to shape stories authentically. Learn more about founder, Chelene Knight, here. Whether you are a writer looking to hone your skills, or an organization looking to enhance and reinforce your mandate via professional development workshops for staff, or whether you need some copywriting for your website, I am here for you. Let’s talk. Scroll on.

Our Vision


“Writing and publishing are not based solely on craft or talent, there’s a privilege involved. It’s our goal to reach and support underrepresented writers and to give space to those writers who are often muted or silenced. Inclusivity, open-mindedness, creativity, teaching through mentorship, and freedom to share stories are all values that we place at the forefront of everything we do.”

—Chelene Knight, CEO #LearnWritingEssentials



I am a big fan of Marie Forlio and the way she empowers people on a daily basis. From her, I learned these six reasons why folks should trust and invest in my work, and I 100 percent agree with her words:

6 Reasons why you should invest in real facilitators vs free stuff online:

  1. Results vs Random info: If you love someone’s approach and philosophy, you’ll WANT to learn as much as you can from that person vs a random hodge-podge of free info online.

  2. Sequence: with any learning experience, raw information is not enough. As students, you are paying for us to take you on a journey from start to finish in a very specific order.

  3. Convenience: Who wants to spend hours scouring the internet for random puzzle pieces that do not fit together? Not me!

  4. Missing Pieces: we are here to tell you all the things you don’t know, and how to put them together.

  5. Accountability & Motivation: It feels awesome when you genuinely connect with someone and you are more likely to do the work when you have that connection and that push to get results.

  6. Us! our heart, soul, personality, the love we give … free content cannot compete.


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