“Chelene Knight is one of the storytellers we need most right now.” —The Toronto Star


You know you need a copywriter if:

  • you have no idea where to start

  • you stare at the blinking curser for more than 10 minutes

  • you have a website and mandate, but have no idea how to make your words shine

  • you have no desire to write

  • the thought of writing makes you want to curl up into a ball and cry (it’s a thing, trust me.)


Chelene Knight, CEO, #LearnWritingEssentials


Copywriting Request

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Hey, no need to worry about writing, I am here to help so you can focus on bigger picture things. I’ve been published in newspapers, Canadian and US magazines, various online platforms, and I’ve published two books with one on the way. Who have I worked/written for?

Room magazine—and other literary magazines—The Globe and Mail, Open Book, Magazines Canada, Magazine Association of BC, Literary Press Group, and more (message me for a CV and some samples if you like, I’m not shy!)

I specialize in writing copy for fundraisers such as non-profits, small businesses and other organizations that need help infusing that personal narrative into their pitches. Every word matters.

Writing a good copy goes above and beyond just having good grammar … it’s about giving the words life, ridding your content of jargon, infusing a unique voice that makes your website/business stand out from the rest. Good copywriting will make your readers want to read more, crave more … they will return to your site/business because hey, you know what you’re talking about, and you’ve got the words to back it up.