The Business of writing

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“Do what you love.”

—all writers everywhere.



In the life of a writer…

The Quick & Dirty on the Business of Writing: making a living as a writer

 Course description:

Using tangible real-life samples mashed up with video and audio, this three-week quick and dirty self-paced course will prepare you for what it takes to start a career as a professional freelance writer. You will learn that the actual writing will not be the only branch on your tree. You will begin to get comfortable with writing grants, keeping an up to date CV, pitching stories vs topics, giving talks and presentations, and learn the importance of being a part of building community through authentic storytelling.

 Navigating the complex and ever-changing publishing industry is not for everyone and this course will help you figure out if you have what it takes. At the end of your three weeks, you will have an opportunity to meet one on one with Chelene Knight, CEO of #LearnWritingEssentials, for goal-setting and advice for your next steps as a writer.

Key Learnings

Week 1: Be Professional

·      From the ground up: How to build and maintain your CV

·      The glory of organization: how spreadsheets will get you paid work

·      The long and short of it: preparing multiple bios and author media kits

·      Samples, samples, samples

·      Know your worth: creating pricing rubrics, and tracking time

·      Once upon a time: pitching stories vs topics

·      You got 99 problems but accounting ain’t one: QuickBooks

·      Know your North American Rights: Reuse & Recycle

 Key Learnings

Week 2: Is it really who you know?

·      Make Friends: the power of networking

·      Show your face: events and launches

·      Plan for the future

·      #TheRightPersonForTheJob: Learning your limits and skill set

 Key Learnings

Week 3: Put it into action

·      Plan for self-evaluation

·      Get cozy with Key Performance Indicators

·      Hey there’s an app for that!

·      Next steps … goal-setting meeting with instructor

Course opens mid-august 2019